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Aphodiinae ...
Schmidt 1910
= Lomanoxiini Stebnicka 1999: 280.

Type genus. Lomanoxia Martinez 1951.

Diagnosis. Elytra with basal margin usually bordered. Femora usually grooved at front and hind margin. Middle and hind tibiae without transverse carinae. Abdominal sternites usually separated by transverse band of short, longitudinal carinae (fluted). Pygidium modified, with longitudinal basal groove.

Classification status. Typical members of the Eupariini and Psammodiini are very distinctive, but there are many genera which are intermediate in characters. Newer data (molecular and morphological) are showing that the two tribes are very close. For now, the traditional classification is presented.

Genera within the Eupariini are being revised by Stebnicka et al. (multiple papers listed under appropriate genera). The genera present complex relationships that are not well understood. Presently, members of several genera seem to grade into each other, making their identification difficult, and the number of undescribed taxa being regularly discovered continues to make this a difficult group.

Two genera are tentatively place in the Eupariini. Annegialia Howden is a very distintive beetle which had head and mouthpart characters similar to the Aegialiini, with body and leg characters similar to the Eupariini. Cartwrightia Islas shares some head and elytral characters with the Rhyparini, but tibial and prosternal characters with the Eupariini.

Distribution. Worldwide.

Composition. Worldwide, the Eupariini contain approximately 45 genera and 565 species. The New World has 30 genera and 345 species.

List of New World Eupariini genera (click on generic names for information).
Annegialia Howden 1971
Aphotaenius Cartwright 1952
Arupaia Stebnicka 1999
Ataeniopsis Petrovitz 1973
Ataenius Harold 1867
Auperia Chevrolat 1864
Batesiana Chalumeau 1983
Bruchaphodius Martínez 1952
Cartwrightia Islas 1958
Euparia Saint-Fargeau and Serville 1828
Euparixia Brown 1927
Euparixoides Hinton 1936                 
Flechtmanniella Stebnicka 1999
Haroldiataenius Chalumeau 1981
Iarupea Martínez 1953
Iguazua Stebnicka 1997
Lomanoxia Martínez 1951
Lomanoxoides Stebnicka 1999
Martineziana Chalumaeu and Ozdikmen 2006
Myrmecaphodius Martínez 1952
Napoa Stebnicka 1999
Nettelia Islas 1945
Oxyataenius Dellacasa and Stebnicka 2001
Paraplesiataenius Chalumeau 1992
Parataenius Balthasar 1961
Passaliolla Balthasar 1945
Pseudataenius Brown 1927
Saprosites Redtenbacher 1858
Selviria Stebnicka 1999
Tanyana Stebnicka 2006

Skelley, P.E. and H. F. Howden. 2004. A new species of Lomanoxia Martínez from Costa Rica (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Insecta Mundi [2003] 17(3-4): 185-190.


Annegialia ataeniformis Howden
Photo by P. Skelley.
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