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Annegialia Howden 1971
Annegialia Howden 1971: 1466.

Annegialia ataeniformis Howden
Photo by Paul Skelley.


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Type species. Annegialia ataeniformis Howden 1971: 1468, by original designation.


Diagnosis. Body length 3.9-4.0 mm, elongate, parallel-sided, reddish-brown, surface granulate and alutaceous. Head with mandibles well developed, mandibles and labrum exposed. Pronotum with T-shaped grooves. Elytral with alternating intervals carinate. Meso- and metatibia narrow with apical spurs close set and medial of tarsal insertion.


Distribution. Western North America.

Composition. Annegialia contains a single species.

Annegialia ataeniformis
Howden 1971: 1468, UT, NV.
Life History. Unknown. The few specimens known have been collected at light.
Larvae. Unknown.

Status of Classification. Annegialia is a very unusual beetle, with head characters of Aegialiini and body characters more like Eupariini. It is presently placed in the Eupariini (Gordon and Cartwright 1988), but this placement needs to be restudied. Annegialia needs to be included in higher level analyses, but its rarity in collections makes this difficult.


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Author: Paul Skelley

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