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Nettelia Islas 1945
Nettelia Islas 1945: 454.

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Type species. Nettelia euparinoides Islas 1946: 455, by monotypy.
                  = Nettelislasia Martínez 1952: 85 [unnecessary replacement
                  name for Nettelia Islas, not Netelia [sic] Gray 1860,

Diagnosis. Body length 4.5 mm, elongate, reddish-brown, glossy. Head large. Pronotum transverse, punctures dense, irregular. Elytral humerus denticulate. Meso- and metatibia with median transverse carina.
Distribution. Mexico.
Composition. Nettelia contains a single species.

Nettelia euparinoides
Islas 1946: 455, Mexico.
Life History. Unknown.
Larvae. Unknown.
Classification status. The generic spellings in the above synonymy are correct. As such, the ICZN (Article 56.2) states “if the difference between two genus group names is only one letter, they are not homonyms.” Thus, Nettelislasia Martinez is an unnecessary replacement name, and I recognize Nettelia as the valid name. The only known specimen (the holotype) of N. euparinoides is unavailable for study, so comments can only be drawn from the original description. Even though it is presently placed in the Eupariini some characters stated in the original description makes this questionable. Until the type is located for study, or additional unquestionable materials are found, the placement and relationships of Nettelia will remain in doubt.

Islas, F. S. 1946. Un genero y tres species nuevos de Aphodiinos Mexicanos (Co. Scarabaeidae). Anales del Instituto de Biologia [1945] 16: 451-457.

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