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Ataeniopsis Petrovitz 1973
Ataeniopsis Petrovitz 1973: 190.

Ataeniopsis haroldi (Steinheil)
Photo by Paul Skelley.


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Type species. Ataeniopsis notabilis Petrovitz 1973: 196 (= Ataenius regulus Balthasar 1947), by original designation.

Diagnosis. Body length 2.8-4.8 mm, slender, elongate, parallel-sided, reddish-brown to black, glossy. Head transversely wrinkled. Pronotum not explanate, not laterally fimbriate. Pygidium convex, smooth and glossy on apical half. Abdominal sternites with fine sutures. All femora lack marginal lines.
Distribution. North America to South America, West Indies.
Composition. Ataeniopsis contains 15 species.

Ataeniopsis armasi
(Chalumeau 1982: 321-323) [Ataenius], Puerto Rico.
Ataeniopsis carupanoi Stenicka 2003: 108-109, Venezuela.
Ataeniopsis duncani (Cartwright 1974: 24-26) [Ataenius], Central and SW-USA.
Ataeniopsis edistoi (Cartwright 1974: 17-18) [Ataenius], SC-USA.
Ataeniopsis figurator (Harold 1874: 24) [Ataenius], Mexico, SE-USA.
Ataeniopsis haroldi (Steinheil 1872: 556) [Ataenius], Argentina to Mexico.
Ataeniopsis jaltipani Stebnicka 2003: 109, Mexico.
Ataeniopsis notabilis (Petrovitz 1973: 191) [Ataenius], S.America.
Ataeniopsis parallelus (Petrovitz 1961: 148) [Ataenius], Brazil.
Ataeniopsis parkeri (Cartwright 1974: 21-23) [Ataenius], SW-USA, Mexico.
Ataeniopsis pusillus (Burmeister 1877: 410) [Euparia], Argentina.
Ataeniopsis regulus (Balthasar 1947: 53) [Ataenius], Venezuela.
                  = Ataenius abdominalis Petrovitz 1973: 154.
                  = Ataenius bordoni Petrovitz 1972: 166.
Ataeniopsis rugopygus (Cartwright 1974: 23-24) [Ataenius] Central and SW-USA.
Ataeniopsis saxatilis (Cartwright 1944: 29) [Ataenius] SC, NC, GA-USA.
                  = Ataenius saxatialis Cartwright: Dellacasa 1988: 280 [misspelling].
Ataeniopsis vinacoensis Stebnicka 2003: 108, Argentina.
Life History. Ataeniopsis edistoi and A. saxatilis were collected in accumulated litter on hard ground or rock outcroppings. Most other species are frequently collected at light.
Larvae. The larva of A. saxatilis is described in Jerath (1960).

Stebnicka, Z. T. 2003. Revision and hypothetical phylogenetic analysis of the species of the New World genus Ataeniopsis (Coleoptera: Aphodiinae: Eupariini). European Journal of Entomology 100: 101-113.

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Author: Paul Skelley

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