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Iguazua Stebnicka 1997
Iguazua Stebnicka 1997: 71.

Iguazua blackwelderi (Chapin)
Photo by Paul Skelley.


Aphodiinae Overview

Aphodiinae Key

Eupariini Key

Type species. Iguazua lilloana Stebnicka 1997: 72, by original designation.

Diagnosis. Body length 2.8-3.3 mm, elongate, parallel-sided, somewhat flattened, reddish-brown. Head small, coarsely densely punctured, frontal lobes not produced. Pronotum usually with weakly crenulate posterior angles. Pygidium large, without carina. Meso- and metatibial apex lack additional accessory teeth (seen in some Saprosites).
Distribution. West Indies, Central and South America.
Composition. Iguazua contains 3 species.

Iguazua blackwelderi
(Chapin 1940: 11) [Saprosites], Cuba, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico.
Iguazua costaricensis Stebnicka and Skelley 2005: 34-35, Costa Rica.
Iguazua lilloana Stebnicka 1997: 72, Argentina (Misiones).
Life History. Unknown. Some specimens were collected under bark or in rotten wood.
Larvae. Unknown.

Stebnicka, Z. T. 1997. A new genus and species of Eupariini from Argentina (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Aphodiinae). Acta Zoologica Cracoviensia 40(2): 71‑73.
Stebnicka, Z. T., and P. E. Skelley. 2005. Review of some New World aphodiine genera and descriptions of new species (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Acta Zoologica Cracoviensia 48B(1-2): 23-42.

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Author: Paul Skelley

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