Nebraska Dragonflies and Damselflies

Vesper Bluet

Enallagma vesperum

Calvert, 1919

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The Vesper Bluet male has a mostly yellow head and thorax and a mostly black abdomen with a pale blue tip (on segment 9). Females range from greenish yellow to orange. In females, abdominal segments 9 and 10 are pale, and there is a dark triangular spot on the top of segment 9.

Rare. This is an eastern species with Nebraska at western edge of range. It is a late evening flier, often not out until well after sunset, and as aresult, it is rarely collected and is certainly more common and widespreadthan the records indicate. There is a good population 150 miles into thestate at Fort Kearney SRA in Buffalo and Kearney Counties and other records from Dodge, Madison and Sarpy Counties.

Vesper Bluet
Vesper Bluet male

Size: 29-37 mm (1.1-1.5 in)

Habitat: small lakes and slow streams with emergent vegetation

Great Plains Range: TX, KS, NE, MO, IA, MN

Flight season: late June to early July

Vesper Bluet map

Green indicates accepted county record (specimen or photograph).
Yellow indicates sight record only.

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