Nebraska Dragonflies and Damselflies

Marsh Bluet

Enallagma ebrium

Hagen, 1861

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The Marsh Bluet is a fairly small blue and black damsel with small eyespots. The abdomen is predominately blue, with small, equal-sized areas of black on segments 3 to 5. The upper abdominal appendages are forked.

This is a northern transcontinental species extending south to northernNebraska. It is recorded from 5 northern counties and is rare in all ofthem. It is found in small marshy ponds.

Marsh Bluet
Marsh Bluet male

Size: 25-34 mm (1.0-1.3 in)

Habitat: marshes and ponds

Great Plains Range: NE, SD, ND, WY, MT, IA, MN

Flight season: late June to mid July

Marsh Bluet map

Green indicates accepted county record (specimen or photograph).
Yellow indicates sight record only.

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