Nebraska Dragonflies and Damselflies

Striped Saddlebags

Tramea darwini

Muttkowski, 1910

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This species has a pale yellow face that turns red in mature males, and the thorax is brown with 2 pale side stripes. The wings are clear with a brown stripe (much less obvious than the large basal wing patches in our other two saddlebag species) at the base of each hindwing. The abdomen is yellowish in females and red in mature males. Abdominal segments 8 to 10 have dark spots on top.

Accidental. This is a Central and South American species (previously known as Tramea calverti) with a populationin south Texas and numerous vagrant records, mostly in the easternUS. During an exceptionally wet year (2010), single males were collectedon June 23 at the Sacramento-Wilcox SWMA, Phelps County, and on July 4at Ambler Lake near Stapelton, Logan County, by Fred Sibley.

Striped Saddlebags
Striped Saddlebags

Size: 44-49 mm (1.7-1.9 in)

Habitat: ponds and slow streams

Great Plains Range: TX, OK, NE, NM, MO, IA

Flight season: late June to early July ?

Striped Saddlebags map

Green indicates accepted county record (specimen or photograph).
Yellow indicates sight record only.

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