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Schmidt 1910

Diagnosis. Head with 4 basal tubercles. Clypeal disc convex, ringed with a groove; clypeal margin broad, with double edge. Pronotum with longitudinal costae and grooves transected by a single median transverse groove or set of deep fossae. Elytra usually distinctly costate on alternating intervals; with apical bulbous protuberances with trichomes (lacking only in Sybacodes Fairmaire from Asia). Prosternal process projecting caudally, hastate. Metasternum usually with a posterior lateral projection. All protibial teeth located in apical quarter. Meso- and metatibia with apical spurs greatly reduced.

Classification status. This group of highly modified aphodiines has always been considered distinct. All biological data indicates they are inquilines with various termites. On the world level, the genera appear well established, but much work remains to be done as new taxa are being discovered frequently.

Distribution. Nearly pantropical, with only one species in Africa.

Composition. Worldwide, there are 11 genera and 77 species in the Rhyparini. In the New World, there are 5 genera and 17 species presently described.

List of New World Genera (click on generic names for information)
Aschnarhyparus Makhan 2006
Leptorhyparus Howden 2003
Nanotermitodius Howden 2003
Rhyparus Westwood 1845
Termitodius Wasmann 1894

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Skelley, P. E. 2007. Generic limits of the Rhyparini with respect to the genus Termitodius Wasmann, 1894 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Insecta Mundi 0009: 1-8.


Aschnarhyparus peregrinus (Hinton)
Photo by P. Skelley.
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