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Aschnarhyparus Makhan 2006
Aschnarhyparus Makhan 2006: 7.

Aschnarhyparus peregrinus (Hinton)
Photo by Paul Skelley.
Superfamily .... Scarabaeoidea
Family ............ Scarabaeidae
Subfamily ....... Aphodiinae
Tribe .............. Rhyparini
Aphodiinae Overview
Aphodiinae Key

Type species: Aschnarhyparus soesilae Makhan 2006, by original designation (= Termitodius peregrinus Hinton 1934).

Diagnosis. Body length 3.0-3.8 mm, elongate, elytra narrowed posteriorly tuberculate apex, dark reddish-brown to nearly black, often encrusted. Pronotum with longitudinal carina sharp entire length. Carinate elytral interval 3 with distinct ring of setae at apical end anterior to caual tubercles and trichomes; carinate intervals 5+7 with tufts of setae anterior of trichomes. Mesotibia with subapical notch and tooth on inner margin. Metatibia flattened, gradually widened to apex.
Distribution. Mexico to South America.
Composition. Aschnarhyparus contains a single species.

Aschnarhyparus peregrinus
(Hinton 1934: 340) [Termitodius] Mexico to Bolivia, east to Brazil and Trinidad
                  = Termitodius bolivensis Dajoz 1971: 138.
                  = Aschnarhyparus soesilae Makhan 2006: 7-11.
Life History. Most specimens have been collected in various traps. Some adults have been reported from nests of termites, Coptotermes sp. (Reyes-Castillo and Martinez 1979).
Larvae. Unknown.

Skelley, P. E. 2007. Generic limits of the Rhyparini with respect to the genus Termitodius Wasmann, 1894 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Insecta Mundi 0009: 1-8.
Reyes-Castillo, P., and A. Martinez. 1979. Nuevos Rhyparini Neotropicales, con notas sobre su biologia (Coleoptera, Scarabeidae, Aphodiinae). Folia Entomologica Mexicana 41: 115-133.

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Author: Paul Skelley

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