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Rhyparus Westwood 1845
Rhyparus Westwood 1845: 93.

Rhyparus blantoni Cartwright and Woodruff
Photo by Paul Skelley.
Superfamily .... Scarabaeoidea
Family ............ Scarabaeidae
Subfamily ....... Aphodiinae
Tribe .............. Rhyparini
Aphodiinae Overview
Aphodiinae Key

Type species. Rhyparus desjardinsi Westwood 1845, by monotypy.
              = Ryparus Westwood 1845: 93 [new name Rhyparus Agassiz
              1846: 328, not Ryparus Spinola 1844]. Type species. Rhyparus
              desjardinsi Westwood 1845, by monotypy.
              = Antrisis Pascoe 1866: 447. Type species: Antrisis saundersi               Pascoe 1866: 448, by monotypy.

Diagnosis. Body length 3.1-5.4 mm, elongate, elytral not notably narrowed posteriorly, dark reddish brown to black, usually not encrusted. Pronotum with longitudial ridges strongly convex to sharply carinate. Elytral with odd intervals strongly convex to sharply carinate, even intervals flattened, interval 3 not terminating with tuft of setae (present in some Old World members). Mesotibia truncate apically, with complete apical fringe of short setae, inner apical angle often with small tooth or prominent inward spine. Metatibia narrowed, weakly flattened, usually weakly widened to apex.
Distribution. Pantropical, almost absent in Africa.
Composition. Worldwide, Rhyparus contains approximately 60 species, 11 of which occur in the New World.

Rhyparus blantoni
Cartwright and Woodruff 1969: 13, Panama.
Rhyparus costaricensis Cartwright and Woodruff 1969: 12, Costa Rica, Mexico.
Rhyparus denieri (Martinez 1950: 167) [Termitodius], Bolivia.
Rhyparus isidroi Cartwright and Woodruff 1969: 11, Costa Rica.
Rhyparus mexicanus Cartwright and Woodruff 1969: 18, Mexico (Veracruz).
Rhyparus opacus Cartwright and Woodruff 1969: 6, Mexico (Veracruz).
Rhyparus sculpturatus Cartwright and Woodruff 1969: 16, Costa Rica.
Rhyparus spangleri Cartwright and Woodruff 1969: 3, Costa Rica.
Rhyparus spilmani Cartwright and Chalumeau 1977: 8, W.Ind. (Dominica, Guadeloupe).
Rhyparus suspiciosus Cartwright and Woodruff 1969: 15, Costa Rica.
Rhyparus zayasi Cartwright and Woodruff 1969: 3, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica.
Life History. Adults of some species are frequently collected at lights, others have been found in leaf litter. They are suspected to live with termites.
Larvae. Unknown.

Cartwright, O. L., and R. E. Woodruff. 1969. Ten Rhyparus from the western hemisphere (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphidiinae). Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology 21: 1-20.

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Author: Paul Skelley

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