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Classification ........Sinodendron Hellwig in Schneider 1791: 18.
...............Lignaperda Fabricius,1790: 216, not Pallas, 1772 (synonym)


Sinodendron rugosum
Mannerheim, male.
Photo by M.J. Paulsen

Distribution of Sinodendron species in the New World.

Family........... Subfamily......


Syndesinae Genera



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Distribution: Nearctic: British Columbia to California, east to Idaho. Palearctic region (Europe to Siberia, Iran/Azerbaijan, and northwestern Yunnan, China).


Revision or Synopsis: N/A


Composition: 4 species (1 in New World).




Holloway, B. A. 1968. The relationship of Syndesus MacLeay and Sinodendron Schneider (Coleoptera: Lucanidae). New Zealand Journal of Science 11: 264-269.


Phylogeny: N/A




Arrow, G.J. 1951. Horned beetles: A study of the fantastic in nature. W. Junk, Publishers, the Hague. 180 pp.


Chapman, G.J. 1951. Note on the habits of Sinodendron cylindricum during oviposition. Entomologist's Monthly Magazine 5: 139-141.


Keys to Species:


(Palearctic only) Král, D. 1994. Sinodendron yunnanense sp. nov. from China, with a key to the Palaearctic species of this genus (Coleoptera: Lucanidae). Entomological Problems. 25(1): 47-52. (This publication erroneously refers to S. americanum Palisot de Beauvois as a valid species. It has long been recognized as a synonym of the Palearctic species S. cylindricum (L.) that was based on a geographic error).


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S. rugosum Mannerheim

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