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Classification ........Psilodon Perty 1830: 53.
...............Hexaphyllum Gray, 1832: 536 (synonym)


P. schuberti Perty, male.
Photo by M.J. Paulsen

Approximate distribution of Psilodon species.

Family........... Subfamily......


Syndesinae Genera



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Distribution: Neotropical: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador.


Grossi, P. and N.O. Aguiar. 2014. Discovery of a third stag beetle genus in the Amazonian Region, with description of a new species of Psilodon Perty (Coleoptera: Lucanidae: Syndesinae: Syndesini). Coleopterists Bulletin 68(1): 83-90.


Onore, G., L. Bartolozzi, and M. Zilioli. 2011. A new species of the genus Syndesus Macleay, 1819 (Coleoptera, Lucanidae) from Ecuador. Kogane, Tokyo 2011; (12): 43-48.


Pardo-Locarno, L.C.; Ríos-Málaver, C. 2011. Psilodon paschoali n. sp. and description of the Psilodon aequinoctiale Buquet (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) female in the Colombian North Andean Region. Boletin Cientifico Museo de Historia Natural Universidad de Caldas, 15(1): 246-250.


Revision or Synopsis: N/A


Composition: 8 species.


Taxonomy: N/A


The genus Psilodon has been characterized as possessing a 6-segmented antennal club, as opposed to the 7-segmented club of species of the Australasian genus Syndesus MacLeay. However, at least one species of Psilodon (P. gilberti Boucher) has a 7-segmented club, and at least one species of Syndesus (S. cancellatus Montrouzier) has a 6-segmented club. Regardless, given that no other genera are shared between the two regions and the extremely long period (~55 MY) for which they have been isolated, it is probable that Psilodon should retain generic status and that the appropriate generic characters have not yet been identified.


Phylogeny: N/A


Biology: Unknown.


Keys to Species: None




Species profiles: (under construction; click names if available)

P. aequinoctiale (Buquet)
P. buhrnheimi Grossi & Aguiar
P. gilberti Boucher
P. luki (Onore et al.)
P. paschoali Pardo & Ríos

P. schuberti Perty
P. seguyi (Didier)
P. xerophilicum
Martínez & Reyes-Castillo

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