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Stebnicka and Howden 1996


Diagnosis. Head broad, able to be deflexed at nearly 90o angle to pronotum. Clypeal margin usually broad and double edged. Pronotom swollen in front (tumid) and sharply declivous to sides, anterior portion with clypeus forming cavity for fore legs; lateral margin rarely visible from above, lateral margin usually emarginate near base, often bearing denticles. Mesocoxae widely separated by flattened meso-metasternal suture.

Classification status. Recently recognized, this tribe has few members scattered across the globe. They have unusual morphologies which may indicate biological relationships with ants or termites, and would also explain their rarity in collections. They share some head and sternal characters with the Rhyparini and Cartwrightia Islas (Eupariini), but their overall relationship is still unresolved.

Distribution. Nearly pantropical; Australia, Africa and the New World.

Composition. Worldwide, there are 7 genera and 33 species in the Odontolochini. In the New World there are presently 4 genera and 11 species.

List of New World Genera (click on generic names for information)
Amerilochus Skelley 2007
Saprolochus Stebnicka 2007
Saprositellus Balthasar 1967
Stebnickiella Skelley 2007

Skelley, P. E. 2007. New South American taxa of Odontolochini Stebnicka and Howden (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae: Aphodiinae). Insecta Mundi 0022:1-15.
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Stebnicka, Z. T., and H. F. Howden. 1996. Revision of Australian genera in the tribes Odontolochini, Psammodiini, Rhyparini, Stereomerini and Part of the Eupariini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea: Aphodiinae). (CSIRO), Invertebrate Taxonomy 10: 97‑170.


Saprositellus ariquemes

Photo by P. Skelley.
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