Xia Wan 


Xia Wan

Xia Wan is an associate Professor in the School of Life Science, Anhui University, Hefei City, People's Republic of China. She works on taxonomy, biology, phylogeny, and biogeography of stag beetles from China. Her current research interest is revisonal studies on Chinese Lucanidae. She is also interested in the phylogeny of world Lucanidae, and so she is eager to cooperate with other specialists studying Lucanidae.


Dr. Xia Wan
Department of Biology
School of Life Science
Anhui University
3, Feixi Road
Hefei, 230039
EMAIL: wanxia@ahu.edu.cn
TEL: 86-551-5108665
FAX: 86-551-5107341


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3. Wan, X. and Yûki, Imura. 2006. Occurrence of Platycerus hongwonpyoi (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) on Mt. Tianmu Shan of Zhejiang Province, East China. Elytra: 34(2): 293-298.

4. Wan, X. and Xingke Yang. 2006. Chinese names of "Lucanidae" and genera from China. Chinese Bulletin of Entomology: 43(3): 418-422.

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