Willis S. Blatchley 1859-1940

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Willis Blatchley


Willis Blatchley was an entomologist and geologist. He was the Head of the Science Department at Terre Haute High School in Indiana from 1887-1893 and the State Geologist for Indiana from 1894-1910. His research interests were Coleoptera, Orthoptera, Hemiptera, and the freshwater molluscs of Indiana. Blatchley is probably best known by entomologists for his giant tome on the Coleoptera of Indiana, published in 1910, as well as his 11 papers (1927-1930, Florida Entomologist) on the Scarabaeidae of Florida. Blatchley described several species of Aphodius, Ataenius, Onthophagus, Hoplia, and Tomarus, among others.


Anonymous. Obituary of Willis Blatchley, 1859-1940. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 50: 1-2.


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