Vadim Konstantinovich Zinchenko


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Vadim Konstantinovich Zinchenko


Dr. Zinchenko is the curator of the collections of Scarabaeidae, Lucanidae, Hydrophilidae, Histeridae, herpetology, ornithology, and eggs at the Siberian Zoological Museum. His scientific research is in the systematics and biogeography of the scarab fauna of the Asian part of Russia and adjacent territories.

  Vadim Konstantinovich Zinchenko
Siberian Zoological Museum
Frunze, 11
630091 Novosibirsk

TEL: (3832) 170285
FAX: (3832) 170973
EMAIL: currently unknown

Tereshkovoy, 36-a, fl. 18
Novosibirsk, 90, 630090
TEL: +7(3832)33-08-78

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