Victor Moctezuma


Victor Moctezuma

Victor Moctezuma at Las Derrumbadas, Puebla, México, July 2013. 


Victor Moctezuma received his degree in biology in 2011 from the Benemérita Universidad
Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico. Currently, he is a M. S. student at the Instituto de Ecología
(INECOL) in Xalapa, Mexico. In collaboration with Dr. Gonzalo Halffter, he conducts research on
the biological diversity and biogeography of copronecrofagous beetle ensembles
(Scarabaeoidea and Silphidae) in a mountainous, temperate/semi-arid landscape
in the Transmexican Volcanic Belt in central Mexico. Even though his research has an emphasis on Scarabaeinae, Aphodiinae, Trogidae, and Geotrupidae, he has a broad range of interests that involve all the families of Neotropical Scarabaeoidea.


J. Victor Moctezuma
Red de Ecoetología
Instituto de Ecología, A.C.
Xalapa, Veracruz, México



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