Sergey Medvedev   1899-1979

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Sergey Medvedev


Sergey Ivanovich Medvedev is the most famous Russian coleopterist of the 20th century who worked on the family Scarabaeidae. He started his coleopterological activity as a follower of A.P. Semenov-Tyan-Shansky, and he had a broad interest in entomological subjects. Later in his career, he concentrated his interests in the systematics of Scarabaeidae and published 5 volumes in the series "Fauna of the USSR" and one volume of "Key to Larvae of Scarabaeoidea of USSR".

S.I. Medvedev is also known as one of greatest artist among Soviet entomologists, and he illustrated his own publications as well as many papers and books of his colleagues. His publications number 235.

Information courtesy of Alexander G. Kirejtshuk and Andrei L. Lobanov.


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