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Shinya Kawai in London, October 2008. Ready to collect . . . but the steady stare of the guardsman made him hesitate.


I am a coleopterist from Tokyo, Japan. My main interest in Scarabaeoidea is coprophagous scarabs and Lucanidae, with a special interest on world Trogidae, Lissapterini, Platycerini and small Lucanidae, Scarabaeus, Phanaeini, Pleocomidae, and all rare Scarabaeoidea (especially myrmecophilous scarabs). I like to exchange, and I can supply most Japanese Lucanidae, coprophagous scarabs, some Buprestidae or Trechinae, many world Trogidae, Phanaeini, and Lissapterini.


I am the secretary of the Japanese Society of Scarabaeoideans, and you are welcome to join or subscribe our journals, so please email me if interested. We publish the journal "KOGANE" (in English) once a year, containing taxonomic papers of world Scarabaeoidea, and "Saikaku-Tsushin" (in Japanese) twice a year. For more information, please visit:


I am also a distributor and publisher of entomological books in Japan. If anyone wants to distribute a book in Japan, please email me. Also if anyone needs Japanese books or papers, we can supply most books, including local journals. For more information, please visit:



Simouma 4-16-3, Setagaya-ku,

Tokyo, 154-0002







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