Sándor Ilniczky

Sandor Ilniczky

Sándor Ilniczky collecting on Mt. Demavend, Iran, 2006.

Sándor Ilniczky is a Hungarian amateur entomologist. Born in 1970, he has been interested in entomology since childhood. During his highschool years he started to make collecting trips regularly within Hungary, focusing particularly on scarab beetles. At age 19 he got into contact with the Hungarian Natural History Museum, which guided his entomological activities afterwards. He joined the Hungarian Entomological Society in 2000 and has been a member of the board since 2011. His main field of interest within entomology is Palearctic Cetoniidae. In the past 12 years he conducted more than 70 entomological collecting and research expeditions to Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Monenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, Jordan, Tunisia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Abkhazia, Iran, and Oman. His collection contains about 70,000 beetles, of which most belong to Scarabaeoidea. He is also interested in breeding flower-beetles and other scarabs at home under artificial conditions. Recently he began faunistic research in Hungary that aims to protect habitats on the basis of occurence of protected insects.

Sándor Ilniczky

EMAIL: ilniczkysandor@gmail.com

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