Sebö Endrödi   1903-1984

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Sebö Endrödi received his doctorate in Law in 1931 and retired from this profession in 1966. For the remainder of his life he was closely associated with the Hungarian Museum of Natural History in Budapest where he devoted the majority of his time to the study of scarab beetles. His first paper on scarabs (Oryctes) was published in 1938, and his last (#231) was published in 1985. Endrödi worked on Aphodiinae, Cetoniinae, and Dynastinae, but he is best known for his review of the Dynastinae of the world that appeared in a series of 22 papers between 1966 and 1977. This resulted in an English-version identification manual with keys, The Dynastinae of the World, which appeared in 1985, a year after his death. This volume is a landmark treatment that enables fairly reliable identification for the entire subfamily, and it provides the framework on which all subsequent workers rely.


Kaszab, Z. and C. S. Papp. 1986. In memoriam. Sebö Endrödi (1903-1984). Entomography 4: 379-397.


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