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Ron Young.


Ron lives in Cody, Wyoming where he is the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Curator Emeritus of the Absaroka Natural History Trust. The Trust is a private foundation dedicated to the collection, identification, and conservation of the invertebrate fossil fauna of the Cody Shale Formation deposited in the Western Interior Seaway during Cretaceous times 144 – 66 MYA. Ron continues to trade scarabs of the subfamilies Rutelinae, Dynastinae, and Cetoniinae and the melolonthine genus Polyphylla. His collection fillssome 70 Cornell drawers. His primary interests are the systematics of the aforementioned taxa with special reference to the South Pacific and Asian regions.


Ronald M. Young

1526 Beck Ave


U.S.A. 82414 


TEL: (307) 587-0440



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