Ralph Dawson   1887-1974

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Ralph Dawson, about 1920, while at the
University of Nebraska.

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Photo:  Ralph Dawson in the early 1970s.


Dr. Dawson was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in May of 1887. He received his B.S. degree from the University of Nebraska in 1912 and his PhD from the University of Minnesota in 1929. He was an instructor at the University of Nebraska from 1912-1916 and an Associate Professor from 1916-1922. He became an Associate Instructor of Zoology at the University of Minnesota from 1923-1929 when he then became an Associate Professor, a position he held until 1952 when he retired. He contributed extensively to the knowledge of North American species of Serica (Melolonthinae: Sericini) in a series of papers from 1919 to 1952. He also published a synopsis of the Scarabaeidae of Nebraska in 1922. He passed away on 1 March 1974 in Folsom, California of a heart attack.


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