Patricia Vaurie   1909-1982

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Pat Vaurie had a long association with the Department of Entomology of the American Museum of Natural History in New York city. She began as a volunteer during the second world war and was appointed as a Research Associate in 1957. From the very beginning she was a beetle specialist. She was funded four times by the National Science Foundation for her work with Diplotaxis (Melolonthinae) and Metamasius (Curculionidae). She conducted research in several families of beetles although most of her studies were with weevils. Her monographs on Scarabaeidae, however, are outstanding. She revised (in two volumes) the Diplotaxis of North America as well as the Troginae (as then configured) for both North America and South America. She published a total of 77 taxonomic papers dealing mostly with Scarabaeidae and Curculionidae. Upon her death she bequeathed a substantial sum to the Coleopterists Society (the Vaurie fund) to be used for its publications.


Herman, L. H. 1982. Obituary: Patricia Vaurie (1909-1982). The Coleopterists Bulletin 36: 453-457.


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