Oliver Hillert


Oliver Hillert during Turkey expedition 2004. 
Photo by David Kràl.


Oliver Hillert was born in Berlin, Germany and began entomological work in 1980. He has interests in the taxonomy and faunistics of coprophagous Scarabeidae of the Palaearctic region. Since 2000 he has conducted studies on Geotrupidae and Bolboceratidae worldwide. His profession is phytopatology, and he works in applied entomology to help develop commercial
products in Europe.


Oliver Hillert
Kieferndamm 10
D-15566 Schöneiche b. Berlin
TEL: 0049-(0)30-64328314
EMAIL: o.hillert@yahoo.de
Katz Biotech AG 
An der Birkenpfuhlheide 10
D-15837 Baruth/Mark 
TEL: 0049-(0)33704-675-35 
FAX: 0049-(0)33704-675-79 
WORK EMAIL: o.hillert@katzbiotech.de 
URL: http://www.katzbiotech.de



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(2) Hillert O., Jäckel, B. & H. P. Plate (2002): Macrolophus pygmaeus (Rambur, 1839) - (Heteroptera, Miridae) an important beneficial organism for biological methods. Gesunde Pflanzen 54 (3+4): 66-73.
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