Nguyn Quangthái

Nguyen Quangthai

Nguyễn Quangthái collecting on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.


Nguyễn Quangthái is working on the taxonomy of Lucanidae. He has collected and studied Lucanidae in Vietnam since 2011 as a hobby. He works for the Department of Entomology and Zoology at the Institute of Hygiene Epidemiology of Vietnam.


Nguyễn Quangthái
Department of Entomology and Zoology.
Institute of Hygiene Epidemiology
21 - Trung Liet - Dong Da – Hanoi

Mobile: +8498.339.5884


Quangthai, N. and K.-D. Schenk. 2012. A new species of the genus Neolucanus Thomson, 1862 (Coleoptera, Lucanidae) from central Vietnam. Beetles World 7: 1-4.

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