María Victoria Sánchez


Victoria excavating scarabaeines.


Victoria is from Argentina and studied Biology at the Universidad of Buenos Aires. She is working on her doctoral thesis at the Ichnology Division of the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Buenos Aires. She is interested in fossil brood balls and other traces of dung beetles and is currently studying those from the Cenozoic of Central Patagonia, Argentina. Her works includes the ichnotaxonomy and the interpretation of trace fossils and its evolutionary and paleoenvironmetal implications. One of the aims of her research is to compliment the Scarabaeinae body fossil record with the ichnological information. She is also studying the nests, brood balls, and nesting behavior of extant dung beetles from southern South America and to identify the possible makers of the fossil brood balls. Her doctoral thesis also includes studies on traces of other organisms occurring in fossil brood balls.


María Victoria Sánchez
División Icnología
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales
Av. Ángel Gallardo 470
C.1405DJR Buenos Aires

TEL.: 54-011-4981-9282 int. 164
FAX: 54-011-4982-5243/4494/0306


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