Mark Rowland 1946-2015

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Mark Rowland


Mark Rowland’s research concerned the conditional expression of alternative minor and major male phenotypes in scarab beetles. His projects dealt with: (1) Macroevolutionary behavior of horn expression thresholds as a function of defined phylogenetic scale in the dynastine genus Xylotrupes(Rowland 2003); (2) Development of a coherent quantitative system that effectively models demographic and evolutionary change in the expression of the alternative phenotypes that are produced by qualitatively different non-linear horn allometries (Rowland et al. 2005; Rowland and Qualls 2005); (3) Exploration of the phylogenetic patterns of male horn dimorphism in scarab dung beetles to determine how and why alternative intrasexual phenotypes might arise and evolve in relation to ecological factors such as the social environment in which they are framed. Mark passed away from cancer on 24 February 2015.

  Publications involving scarab beetles:

Rowland, J.M. andC. R. Qualls. 2005. Likelihood models for discriminating alternative phenotypes in morphologically dimorphic species. Evolutionary Ecology Research 7:421-434.

Rowland, J.M., C. R. Qualls, and L. Beaudoin-Ollivier. 2005. Discrimination of alternative male phenotypes in Scapanes australis (Boisduval) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae). Australian Journal of Entomology 44:22-28.

Rowland, J.M. 2003. Male horn dimorphism, phylogeny and systematics of rhinoceros beetles of the genus Xylotrupes (Scarabaeidae, Coleoptera). Australian Journal of Zoology 51:213-258.

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