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Miklós Ringler was born in 1968 in Budapest, Hungary. He became interested in the Scarabaeoidea at an early age and started to study and collect this group in the 1970s. His main interest is the Cetoniinae. Miklós has an extensive collection of scarabs of 38,500 specimens (Cetoniinae: Palearctic region:16,000; Ethiopian region:  10,000; Nearctic, Australien, and Oriental regions: 500; other Scarabaeoidea (world): 12,000).


Miklós is also involved in breeding scarabs, mainly Cetoniinae. So far he has successfully bred the following species:


African species:

Mecynorrhina ugandensis, Mecynorrhina oberthuri, Dicronorrhina derbyana, Anisorrhina flavomaculata, Cheirolasia burkei, Eudicella smithi, Ranzania splendens, Amaurodes passerini, Goliathus albosignatus, Coelorhina quadrimaculata loricata, Melinesthes algoensis, Chlorocala africana, Diplognatha gagates silicea, Diplognata striata, Dischista cincta + rufa, Pachnoda marginata and Pachnodella impressa


Palearctic species:

Cetonishema aeruginosa, C. speciosa ssp. jousselini, Potosia cuprea ssp.metallica, obscura, cuprea, and rhodotica, P. morio, P. opaca, P. cretica, P. fieberi, P. marginicollis, Oxytyrea funesta, Oxythyrea cinctella, Eupotosia königi, E. affinis (+ ssp. pyrodera, ssp. tyrrenica), Cetonia aurata, C. funeraria, Liocola lugubris, and Paleira femorata


Other Scarabaeoidea: Propomacrus bimucronatus, Osmoderma eremita, Gnorimus variabilis, and Trox scaber.


Miklós has collected in Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland, France, Spain, Denmark, UK, Greece, Italy, Austria, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Rep.of Congo, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iran, Thailand, and in the USA.


He is a member of the Hungarian Entomological Society. He lives in Germany and his preferred language is German and English.

Miklós Ringler

Georgenstrasse 136

80798 München



TEL: 089-18 999 999

EMAIL: Ringler.Seidl@t-online.de



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