Miguel A. Morón 1952-2017


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From right to left, Miguel Morón, Brett Ratcliffe,
and Mary Liz Jameson at the University of
Nebraska State Museum, August 1991


Dr. Miguel Morón conducted research on the taxonomy and ecology of Rutelinae and Melolonthinae in particular, but he had broad interests in Scarabaeoidea. He is well known for his extensive publications, including the books Entomología Práctica (with Roberto Terrón), Los Coleópteros del Mundo 10: Rutelini 1 (Plusiotis), Atlas de los Escarabajos de Mexico (Coleoptera: Lamellicornia), Vol. 1. Familia Melolonthidae (Subfamilias Rutelinae, Dynastinae, Cetoniinae, Trichiinae, Valginae y Melolonthinae) (with Brett C. Ratcliffe, and Cuauhtemoc Deloya), and Escarabajos, 200 Millones de Años de Evolución. Dr. Morón was one of the leading workers on scarab larvae in the world. He conducted numerous faunistic studies of the Mexican scarab fauna. In 1992, he was awarded the National Prize in Natural Science Research by the Mexican Academy of Scientific Investigation for his work with scarabs.
Miguel Ángel Morón passes away 22 August 2017.

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