Margarita López-García 

Margarita López García
Margarita López at Laguna Huacarpay, Cusco, Peru, 2018.

Margarita M. López-García is a Colombian entomologist interested in the taxonomy,
systematics, biogeography, and natural history of Neotropical beetles, particularly
Staphylinidae and Scarabaeidae (Dynastinae). She is currently a postdoctoral research working
on the biogeography of the Neotropical region in the Mexican Transition Zone. In her PhD project she worked on the systematics and phylogeny of the American genus Tomarus and proposed a new generic classification. For her Master degree, at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, she studied the taxonomy of the dynastine tribe Pentodontini of Colombia. She has
also participated in different projects about floral associations of insects, taxonomic
inventories, and community ecology of rove beetles and ants in Andean landscapes. Other
areas of interest include: Stridulatory mechanisms and sound production in dynastine beetles, morphology of mouth parts and male aedeagus, and scientific illustration.


Margarita M. López-García
Departamento de Biología Evolutiva, Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Mexico City, MEXICO


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