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Milan Krajcik


Milan Krajcik is a medical doctor, and he also works extensively with the cetoniine scarab beetles. He has just completed parts 1 and 2 of a Catalogue of the Cetoniidae of the World that includes complete listings of taxa, authors, original citation, type locality, latest synopsis, and location of type specimens. Part 1 includes the Goliathini, Cetoniini, Gymnetini, and Diplognathini. Part 2 includes the Schizorhinini, Stenotarsiini, Xiphoscelidini, Cremastocheilini, Trichiinae and Valginae. This work is an updated continuation of the Coleopterorum Catalogus.  Write Dr. Krajcik for further information.

  Milan Krajcik, M.D.
Belohorska 16
301 64 Plzen

TEL./FAX: 00 42 035 612 62 72
Internet: :


Krajcik, M. 2020. Hmyz jako předloha význačných uměleckých děl(speciální výběr). I. Posvátní brouci starověkého Egypta. Insects in famous artworks (special selection). I. Sacred beetles of ancient Egypt. Animma.X 82: 1-20.

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