Meindert Hielkema 1944-2022


Meindert Hielkema at work with his collection,
November 2010.


Since early childhood, Meindert has been interested in small animals and when 14 years old he started a small collection of beetles. In order to name them, he came in contact with Piet Kuijten who started his enthusiasm for Scarabaeidae. Now, 50 years later he has collected beetles in many countries all over the world, mostly together with his wife. His son Auke now lives in Suriname and is looking for scarabs and, together, they are conducting an overview of the scarab fauna there in collaboration with the National Zoological Collection of Suriname. They have discovered new and rare species but leave the publishing to specialists. Perhaps the results of their efforts in the Guianas will be published by themselves.


Meindert A. Hielkema

Veenenburg 6

2804WX Gouda





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