Matthias Herrmann



Matt dissecting scarabs on Réunion.
Photo courtesy of MPI.

Matthias loves beetles. And almost as much as he loves beetles he is fascinated with nematodes. His work focuses on scarab-inhabiting nematodes, which sounds unpleasant but turns out to be a real thriller!
He can tell you wonderful stories about necromenic worms in scarabs.
If you want to make Matt REALLY happy, send him living or recently dead scarabs from all over the world, so that he can screen them for nematodes. He might even name a new nematode species after you!!!

Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology
Department for Evolutionary Biology
Spemannstr 35-37
72076 Tübingen

TEL: 0049 7071-601484
FAX: 0049 7071-601498



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