Mattias Forshage


Collecting dung beetles at Ravlunda, Scania.
Photo: John-Erik Nilsson.


Mattias Forshage is a scarab enthusiast from Stockholm and Uppsala in Sweden. His major interests are phylogeny and taxonomy of Scarabaeoidea
(Aphodiinae and Scarabaeinae in particular) and faunistics and
conservation of dung beetles. He also has general interests in
phylogenetic methods, zoological nomenclature, biogeography, entomological history, philosophy of science, and dung ecology. He has extensive collecting experience in Sweden but also some collecting and museum work in other parts of the world. Has has been working with
sorting specimens, locating type specimens, and supporting visiting scarab workers in the museums of Stockholm and Uppsala. He has suspended his former studies in population trends of Swedish laparosticti, conservation actions for threatened dung beetles, and aphodiine and scarabaeine phylogeny in favor of Ph.D. studies in parasitic wasp systematics (Cynipoidea, particularly Eucoilinae) under Fredrik Ronquist.


Mattias Forshage
Department of Entomology
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Box 50007
SE-104 05 Stockholm

TEL: +46-(0)8-5195 4049


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