Manuel D. Barria


Manuel Barria with the SOLA prize 2021, August, Panamá.

  Manuel D. Barria is a researcher at the Universidad de Panamá. He has a bachelor’s degree in biology with a specialization in zoology. His research areas range from the description of immature stages to the bioacoustics of Scarabaeoidea beetles. His first encounter with scarabaeoids was when he was 8 years old when he found Dynastinae larvae in a tree hole. It was not until 2017 while doing a university project that he found Strategus aloeus (L.) (Dynastinae) larvae in a fallen trunk and tried to identify them. Due to the absence of Panamanian specialists of the superfamily Scarabaeoidea to help him identify the larvae and adults, he requested help from Dr. Brett Ratcliffe, who helped him with the identification of the beetles and encouraged him to study the group. Since then, he decided to conduct research on the superfamily in Panama. Actually, Manuel is developing several projects to expand the knowledge of the diversity of Panamanian species and their distribution. This has resulted in new reports and the discovery of new species of various genera of Scarabaeoidea from Panama. He is author of works like the book “A Monographic Revision of The Jewel Scarabs Genus Chrysina from Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador”. He is also working on an updated checklist of the Scarabaeoidea of Panama, and his master’s thesis on the Phyllophaga of Panama. Manuel is also working on his life project “The Atlas of the Scarabaeoidea of Panama”, which he plans to publish in several volumes in the next few years. He also plans to create the first reference collection of the Scarabaeoidea of Panama with the intention of facilitating access to knowledge of species diversity and attracting new young researchers.


Manuel D. Barria
Universidad de Panamá, Vicerrectoría de Investigación y Post-Grado (VIP), Laboratorio de Estudios Biológicos de Artrópodos (LEBA), PANAMÁ   
TEL: +507 66683975
Research Gate:




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