Moacyr Alvarenga 1915 - 2010


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Moacyr Alvarenga (photo by Carlos Sperber).


alvarenga2.JPG (15836 bytes)Moacyr Alvarenga (left) in the late 1950s or early 1960s with Antonio Martínez. 
Photo from Moacyr Alvarenga collection.

Moacyr Alvarenga collected a large number of Brazilian insects that are now represented in museum collections worldwide.  He has six genera (one of which is the basis for Anobiidae subfamily  Alvarenganiellinae, and another is the basis of the melolonthid tribe Alvarengiini) and more than one hundred species named after him (including plants as well as scarabaeoids (lucanids, scarabaeines, bolboceratids, melolonthines, rutelines, and dynastines), blattarians, hemipterans, homopternas, dipterans, orthopterans, mantids, hymenopterans, araneans, nematods,  and one amphibian). He was a Brazilian Air Force officer, and that permitted him to travel around Brazil collecting in numerous places never collected before or since. He worked on Neotropical Erotylidae having and published several papers on this group.  He published one paper on scarabs, the description of the dynastine Agaocephala margaridae, named after his wife. Most of his beetle collection is in the Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro and in the Museu Paranaense in Curitiba. 

Information courtesy of Fernando Vaz-de-Mello.



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