Louis Peringuey   1855-1924

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Louis Albert Peringuey


Louis Albert Peringuey was the pioneer of systematic and economic entomology in South Africa. Peringuey was a big man with a big personality; one who always had work to be done and life could never be long enough to accomplish every task be set himself.

He was born of Basque parentage at Bordeaux, France, on the 9 October 1855. At the age of fifteen he saw active service in the Franco-German War (1870) and later traveled in Gambia and Mauritius. At the age of 23 he arrived in Cape Town to assume the duties of Professor of French at the South African College and the Diocesan School. For many years he acted as Examiner in French for the University of the Cape of Good Hope. In 1892, Peringuey married Bertha Marcellis. Of their six children four died in infancy. In the period 1882-1884, Peringuey was arranging the collection of Coleoptera of the South African museum as a voluntary helper. In 1884 he was appointed to the staff of that Museum with the rank of Assistant. During 1885 he was appointed Inspector General of Vineyards by the Government of the Cape to lead the fight against the grape phylloxera. After 12 years service on the staff of the South African Museum, Peringuey attained the post of Assistant Director (1896), and from 1906 until the day of his death he was Director. He died at Cape Town on the 20 February 1924.


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