László Nádai


László Nádai.

László Nádai began collecting and studying beetles as a young boy  and soon focused on Scarabaeoidea of the Carpathian Basin, the territories of Historical Hungary. Later on, when he became a professional guide for mountaineering and ecotours, he expanded his entomological activities to a number of other countries. He has led more than 60 expeditions to the countries of the Himalayas, Central Asia, the Near East, Africa  and South America. He also participated in 15 specialised entomological expeditions to Iran, Syria, Kazakhstan, Greece, Morocco and Tunisia. In Hungary, he collaborated in faunistic research programs of the Hungarian Natural History Museum. His collection at present (2009) consists of approximately 25,000 specimens, with 850 determined species(mainly from the Palearctic Region) and diverse other scarabaeoid specimens from all over the world. The collection also contains type specimens of species named in his honor. The collection can be viewed by appointment. Presently his main interests are Scarabaeini from the African and Palearctic regions, Scarabaeinae and Cetoniinae from the Palearctic, and worldwide Trogidae. László is a member of the Hungarian Entomological Society and a member of its Executive Committee.


László Nádai

Zsolnay Vilmos u. 13. III/4

H - 1147 Budapest



EMAIL: nadaiscarab@gmail.com


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