T. Keith Philips


Keith Philips at Obomeng-Kwahu in
the Eastern Region of Ghana.
Photo by Chris DeWildt, January 2006.


I am mainly interested in the diversity, evolution, and conservation of Coleoptera. Recent projects have dealt with the evolution of dung beetles and some of their tribes using morphological evidence.  An oniticelline-onthophagine phylogeny should be published in the near future. 

Current scarab research involves the dung beetles of Ghana, including both taxonomic and ecological studies. One of the goals is to enable us to quickly access the health of various habitats in what is known as the upper guinean forest. This region is considered one of 25 biodiversity hotspots on the planet with localities high in biodiversity that are also under serious threat.  I am also studying the ghanaian cetoniines with Jesús Orozco and have studied the scarabaeines of the West Indies, especially in the Dominican Republic with Mike Ivie.

One last group that I love to study are the spider beetles (and the anobiids and the more inclusive Bostrichoidea).  One should realize that some species are also DUNG beetles!


T. Keith Philips
Systematics and Evolution Laboratory
Department of Biology
Western Kentucky University
1906 College Heights Blvd.
Bowling Green, KY 42101-3576

TEL (Office): 270-745-3419
TEL (Lab): 270-745-2394
FAX: 270-745-6856
EMAIL: Keith.Philips@wku.edu


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