Klára Hoffmannová

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Klara in search of some dung beetles.


Klára Hoffmannová is a pregraduate student at the Department of Zoology, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. She works on biology and ecology of adult dung beetles from the families Scarabaeidae, Geotrupidae, and Hydrophilidae. For her degree in biology she is preparing a field study of seasonal population dynamics and habitat preferences of several dung beetle species. She has finished a seminary thesis entitled “Preliminary list of modern literature resuming information about ecology of dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae and Hydrophilidae)” – literary review.

  Klára Hoffmannová
Department of Zoology
Charles University
Vinicná 7
CZ – 128 44 Praha 2

TEL: 420 604 420 846
EMAIL: kvakisek@atlas.cz

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