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Kevin Douglas Floate is a research scientist with broad interests in insect community ecology. He has examined the role of ground beetles (Carabidae) as natural enemies of pests affecting wheat, and the response of gall-forming arthropods to the hybridization of their cottonwood (Populus) host species. He currently studies the biology and ecology of parasitic wasps for use as biocontrol agents against flies affecting livestock. He has expanded this research to include studies of Wolbachia bacteria, which have profound effects on the reproduction of their arthropod hosts and which affect an estimated 20-80 percent of arthropod species.

Kevin's specific interest in Scarabaeidae derives from their membership in the community of insects associated with livestock dung, and how this community is affected by parasiticides applied to cattle. This information is being used to develop guidelines to minimize the adverse effects of pesticide use on non-target species.


Kevin Floate, Research Scientist
Insect Biocontrol | Lutte biologique aux insectes
Lethbridge Research Centre | Centre de recherches de Lethbridge
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada | Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada
5403 - 1st Avenue South, P.O. Box 3000 | 5403 - 1ère Avenue Sud, C.P. 3000
Lethbridge, Alberta, CANADA T1J 4B1

TEL:  403-317-2242


Publications related to coproprophilous insects:

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