Jiri Zidek


Jiri Zidek in Prague, May 2001.
Photo Brett Ratcliffe

Despite undergraduate training in entomology, much of my academic carrier was spent in vertebrate zoology/paleontology and science editing. I am interested in the Trogidae, Scarabaeinae (Phanaeini, Onitini, Scarabaeini and some canthonine genera, e.g., Anachalcos, Deltochilum) and Melolonthinae (Melolonthini, Heptophyllini, Rhizotrogini, Leucopholini) and do not limit it geographically.


Jiri Zidek
Ostruzinova 11/2455
106 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic
e-mail: jrzidek@gmail.com

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