Jorge Ari Noriega

Jorge Ari Noriega
Jorge Ari Noriega collecting dung beetles in South Africa.
Photo by Christian Deschodt.

  Jorge Ari Noriega is community ecologist interested in dung beetles. He is an associate researcher at the Laboratory of Zoology and Aquatic Ecology of the University of Los Andes and also member of ScarabNet. His main line of research focuses on ecology, biogeography, and invasive species of dung beetles (Aphodiinae and Scarabaeinae) in the Neotropics and Palearctic regions. He is also interested in temporal and spatial dynamics of dung beetles assemblages and in the negative effects of anthropic disturbances on functional diversity. His studies with this group started in 1999 with his undergraduate thesis on an altitudinal gradient in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. For his Master’s degree he studied biogeographical patterns of dung beetles in Colombia.
For his PhD in the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid (Spain) he studied ecosystem services and dung beetle functionality in pastures and natural forests in a global experiment design. He has conducted research on dung beetles in many different countries in the Neotropics, mainly in the Amazon rainforest of Colombia and Brazil, in pastures in Spain and Portugal, and in savannas in South Africa. He has published more than 60 scientific articles and book chapters.


Jorge Ari Noriega, PhD
Laboratory of Zoology and Aquatic Ecology
University of Los Andes
TEL: +34 662039906


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