Jason F. Mate

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Jason Mate


My expertise is in the systematics, phylogenetics, ecology and evolution of the subfamily Aphodiinae and in particular the Aphodiini. I completed my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Alfried Vogler (BNHM/Imperial College) with the thesis, “Radiation and Diversification of Aphodius Dung Beetles”. I used molecular markers to address the phylogenetics of the Aphodiini and its placement within the subfamily Aphodiinae. I am currently completing a morphological and molecular database to enhance our understanding of the evolution of dung feeding and other feeding behaviors in the Aphodiinae and to test the reliability of current classifications.
In addition to phylogenetic work on the subfamily I am completing revisions on the Eupariini of Africa; the subgenus Liothorax in Europe as well as biodiversity inventories of the dung beetle communities in S. China and urban coleoptera in southern Queensland.

Department of Entomology
The Natural History Museum
London SW7 5BD

E-MAIL: jfmate@hotmail.com
TEL: 0207 938 5016

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