Johan W. Machatschke 1912-1975

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Johann Machatschke


Johann W. Machatschke was born on 13 July 1912 in Iglau (Jihlava), and he died unexpectedly from a heart attack on 25 May 1975. Machatschke studied natural sciences at the German University in Prague between 1931 and 1935 and received his PhD (actually Dr. Rer. Nat.) in 1935. He finished his "Lehramtspruefung" (exam that gives you the license to teach in public schools) for high school teaching in the autumn of 1937. After 12 years of teaching (1937 - 1949), he joined the Schering company as scientific staff in Berlin-Adlershof. In the autumn of 1951, he accomplished one of his principal goals and accepted an offer from the German Academy of Agricultural Science in Berlin and joined the scientific staff of the DEI. He was Curator of the Coleoptera section of the Deutsche Entomologische Institut (DEI) in Berlin-Friedrichshagen for many years and was also a member of the DEG (Deutsche Entomologische Gesellschaft) since 1953.

He selected for his research the systematics of the Rutelinae, as well as phylogeny and zoogeography. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack as early as autumn 1961 with the consequence that he had to give up his position. Nevertheless, he continued with his scientific work and from 1964 lived in Oberbayern in Bavaria.

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