Júlio N. C. Louzada


Júlio Louzada


Júlio Louzada is professor of Ecology at the Universidade Federal de Lavras, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. He works on Scarabaeinae ecology, especially on habitat fragmentation effects on coprophagous, necrophagous, and carpophagous species. Júlio conducts surveys in various Brazilian habitats such as restinga, Atlantic rainforests, and cerrado (Brazilian savannas). He is currently begining a survey on a complex of habitats in Minas Gerais state with Gustavo Schiffler and Fernando Vaz-de-Mello.

Information courtesy of Fernando Vaz-de-Mello.


Setor de Ecologia – Departamento de Biologia
Universidade Federal de Lavras
Lavras – MG 37200-000

EMAIL: jlouzada@ufla.br

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