John LeConte   1825-1883

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John LeConte published nearly 200 papers on Coleoptera and described about 270 species of mostly North American Scarabaeoidea. His collection, which was begun by his father, was the foundation for subsequent work on North American Coleoptera. At the peak of his career, many of his papers were being translated and republished in Europe. His first paper, describing about 20 species of Carabidae, was published when he was 19.

LeConte obtained his M.D. from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, but he never engaged in medical practice because his inheritance eliminated the need for him to do so. From 1848-1850 he made several trips to Lake Superior and California to collect. He moved to Philadelphia in 1852 and married in 1861. He made expeditions to Honduras, Panama, Europe, Egypt, Algeria, and the western Untied States. At the outbreak of the American Civil War, he entered the Army Medical Corps as surgeon of volunteers where he remained until the end of the war.


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