Jonathan Lai


J. Lai

Jonathan Lai checking the development of his beetles in his beetle room.


Jonathan Lai is an amateur entomologist who specilizes in the breeding of rhinoceros and stag beetles, with a special interest in Dynastes hercules. His longterm goal is to eventually raise a giant Hercules beetle over 17 cm. He’s also currently working on the breeding of Goliathus, as it is still unknown how to grow Goliathus specimens to over 10 cm. He published the beetle breeding book For the Love of Rhinoceros and Stag Beetles in 2001.


Jonathan Lai
Yitung Street 127-5 3F



Lai, J. 2001. For the Love of Rhinoceros and Stag Beetles, first edition.

Lai, J. T. and H. Ko. 2008. For the Love of Rhinoceros and Stag Beetles, Second Edition. Morning Star Publisher, Inc., Taipei, Taiwan. Two Volumes, 447 pp.

Lai, J. 2012. Captive Breeding of Dynastes hercules paschoali. Scarabs Newsletter 69: 1-9.


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